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A stunning 19th Century French hallmarked 18ct chain with sensually appointed interlocking O rings, this chain will be a stellar addition to any collection. We are always excited to find magnificent 18ct French pieces, but the O rings observed here, with their simplicity and ability to take on charms or simply sit on the collar bone, are really something. In the very orange, buttery 18ct tone that pieces of the Napoleon III period are known for, I could not be more smitten with this 14” chain. Perfect for stacking charms, excellent for adding to carefully curated component wardrobe. 

Age/Origin: French 19th C

Marks: 18ct Gold Purity Eagle Head hallmark

Length: 14", dog clip 85", C clasp, 11MM diameter

Weight: 9.43g

Condition: Excellent, general and typical agewear, overall wonderful condition, ready to wear and enjoy!

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