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An exceptional victorian Navette ring with diamonds and rubies, in a stunning, swirling paisley- perfectly in line with Belle Époque sensibilities. It is becoming harder and harder to find Victorian diamond rings as so many were lost to time… and when we found this beauty with her sloping shoulders and bezeled old European diamonds, a collective hush fell over the office. We NEVER find them quite like this…

Fashion houses like Worth & Callot Soeurs commanded the transition out of 19th century buckled silhouettes to a more natural form- but it was the art nouveau styles in jewels such as this that cemented these fashions as so much more than ephemeral textile temptations. By turning art nouveau shapes into legacy defining decorative arts, jewels lead fashion and rendered it, in many ways, immortal. This Navette has stood the test of time to underscore this very phenomenon. 

Materials: 18ct Pink Gold with Rubies (.30cts) and diamonds (.68cts) (estimated)

Weighs: 3.4

Size: 4 (resize as needed)

Marks: None

Condition: Excellent for her age. As with most Victorian jewels, there is wear to the shank and the prongs. Overall, very good. 

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