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Okay, I will admit, I have an obsession with this color. This specific shade of bubblegum pink is an addiction. From ball gowns, to phone cases, I’ve worked very hard to cover my life in this precious tone, and it is never better rendered than in good ole fashion Victorian Pate De Verre, a form of opaque glass. Something about this material makes a strawberry milkshake come to mind- and who would not want to wear a strawberry milkshake in ring form for the rest of their days?? A victorian double set Pate De Verre cameo that will absolutely enchant on hand and off; circa 1870 and absolutely delicious!

Materials: 10ct pink gold, 14ct gold band, Pate De Verre Cameo

Weighs: 3.4

Size: 6.75

Marks: None

Condition: Excellent for her age. As noted, a Victorian style shank has been added to an element that was formerly a cravat pin. There is minor wear to the bezel. 

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