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A superb Victorian Egyptian revival scarab conversion ring in a vibrant, rich honey tone carnelian. Nearly impossible to find, carved scarabs are ellusive. Over the past two years we carefully collected the scarabs seen here, to present as a finished collection. 

This beautiful ring will be a well loved prize in the collection she ultimately joins, for she features some of the most beautiful carving I've ever seen. Wonderfully rendered, his magnificent ring features a closed bottom setting that allows the light to play melodically within the carnelian stone. Fitted to a textured, simple band, cast from an edwardian original, this ring will star in your stacks, both simple and complex. 

Marks: 14K

Age/Origin: Scarab element is an original, American example, circa 1880, excellent condition. Band is a hallmarked, vintage piece.

Weight: 3.12g

Size: 5, sizable as needed

Materials: 14ct, carnelian

Condition: Excellent, this beautiful ring is in very good, safely converted condition. Sumptuous tone of carnelian in the stone. We cannot wait to see her out in the wild!

Please note- these photos are completely unedited.

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