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The largest of our conversion scarabs, this rare Victorian lapis scarab in 14ct is a rich, luxuriant example of the excellence of American craftspersonship of the 19th century. As ancient revival gripped the hearts and minds of the 19th century antiquarian, the jewelry sporting public demanded ancient objects-d'art in their retinue of treasures. Stick pins were an important, genderless part of this expression, as they were worn and beloved by all. In a beautiful "specimen setting," with an open back, this scarab allows the wearer to read her faux glyphs on the reverse, as though she were a true artifact of the ancient world. Likely created and carved here, in the US, this precious lapis scarab is a weighty example, and will be a star in any collection. 

Marks: 14k, Wea Lok, R Bros, 14k

Age/Origin: Scarab element is an original, American example, circa 1880, excellent condition. Band is a hallmarked, vintage piece.

Weight: 5.2g

Size: 8, sizable as needed

Materials: 14ct, lapis

Condition: Excellent, this beautiful ring is in very good, safely converted condition. Beautiful, rich orange tone of gold. We cannot wait to see her out in the wild!

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