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One of the finest gilded age brooches I’ve ever had the pleasure of handling, this massive example boast a central amethyst estimated at over 42cts, with magnificent gemstone additions. This brooch is especially notable for its gallery, with a swagged pattern that reaches toward the amethyst with prongs set in the manner of the Imperial State Crown, a jewel that has enjoyed much attention this past week.

Circa 1890, this jewel exemplifies the transitional emblems of moving from the beginning to the end of the 19th century; we find 6 gorgeous colored gemstones (pink topaz, chrysoberyl, aquamarine, and imperial topaz, respectively), beautifully foiled and closed back, in the georgian manner. I love the recollection of earlier jewelry in later pieces, and this “regency revival” piece shows the best of both worlds, with its daring, lingerie like open-back setting of the amethyst.



Materials & Features: 18k Gold, pink topaz, chrysoberyl, aquamarine, and imperial topaz

Age/Origin: c. 1890

Measurements: 1.5” in length, 1.25” across, 16.4g

Condition: Excellent condition. Minor associated age wear. 

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