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An incredible Victorian Egyptian Revival Scarab conversion ring. Featuring a beautiful Chalcedony scarab, carved front to back, set in a rich, bloomed 14ct, this American made treasure speaks to the height of Egyptian revival that the 19th century indulged in.

With textured wings, an outstanding bezel setting, and a beautiful, perfectly matched band, this gorgeous ring additionally falls into the category of specimen setting, as the back of the scarab is open to reveal its "hieroglyphic" carving. The depicted wings show the scarab god, Khepri, in his backward dance of life, death, and rebirth. The Scarab is a 19th century copy of an ancient gem, but was set with the intention to allow the wearer to gaze additionally at the reverse, and ponder the faux glyphs carved therein. 

Marks: 14 (makers mark) K, 14k on the band, which is a copy of a Victorian shank. 

Age/Origin: Scarab element is an original, American example, circa 1880, excellent condition. Band is a casting of a Victorian Example.

Weight: 4.7g

Size: 8.25, sizable as needed

Materials: 14ct, chalcedony

Condition: Excellent, this beautiful ring is in very good, safely converted condition. Beautiful, rich orange tone of gold. We cannot wait to see her out in the wild!

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