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The "Mano Cornuto" is an Italian amulet of ancient origin. Examples have been found from the Roman era, and it was also used by the Etruscans. "Mano" means “hand” and "corno" means “horn.” The charm represents a gesture in which the index and little fingers are extended while the middle and ring fingers are curled into the palm. Among some people this is the sign of a man who has been slighted, cheated on, or betrayed by a lover; but it is also widely used as a protective gesture against impotency. Or, you know, it could mean "Rock on!" to you, too! 

This charm is light and hollow in 14k gold and has a split ring connector that allows for more charms to be added to it. 


Materials and Features: 14k gold, mano cornuto symbol

Age/Origin: Vintage, c.1960s-70

Condition: Excellent condition.


Please view and inspect any photos closely. We endeavor to fully disclose all condition information clearly and concisely, however, please note that what qualifies as excellent condition for historical jewelry differs from modern and contemporary pieces; please take the age of the piece into account when examining the piece. Minor age wear is typical and to be expected for antique and vintage jewelry. Unless otherwise stated, gemstones have not been officially graded for color, clarity, or treatment by GIA; any information provided is our own educated, professional assessment.

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