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The 19th century transition, not without a bit of kicking and screaming, into an industrially revolutionized world of modernism… the harsh lines of the 1860’s and 70’s were revived in the deco period- new edifices of progress (Eiffel Tower, anyone?) seemed to herald the arrival of a new era. But some… some wanted to look back. 

Back to the Enlightenment- girls in fields in straw hats reading books about quiet ideologies Knights and their ladies with gowns that Pooled around their bare feet in marble stairwells. Back and back and back to a time where the land grew wild and in step with the human heartbeat.


Those visionaries built the pre-raphaelite aesthetic, which would eventually give way to the Art Nouveau… the aesthetic bridge between the 19th and 20th centuries. 

Here we find an immaculate 1890’s example of the art noveau, an all original, English, 18ct garnet cabochon and diamond ring depicting a woman with lilies entwined into her glowing, flowing curls. Once you see this ring, you cannot forget her.

Materials: 18ct yellow gold and Diamond, and garnet

Weighs: 4.7g

Size: 6 (resize as needed)

Marks: 18ct

Condition: Excellent for her age.  Overall, very good. 

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