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Tortoise shell is the name for the outer blades covering the upper shell of the Hawksbill turtle and the Loggerhead turtle. Tortoise shell has been valued for use in jewelry since Roman times. Now a banned material, it was popular during the nineteenth century to make combs, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cameos and decorative inlays from tortoise shell. The ability to use heat for shaping made tortoise shell an ideal jewelry material.

This cross pendant and chain, circa 1810-1830, is a wonderful relic of the past! Each link in the precisely carved chain is beautifully mottled and polished to a smooth and lovely glow. The pendant is a darker hue, showcasing a diamond set in a pinched silver bezel formed into a flower motif. With decorative cut-outs at each ogee-shaped end, it has an alluring Gothic feel and is sure to take pride of place in your collection!

Measurements: 13” chain
2.5” cross
1.5” hook
Weight: 20.2 grams

Care & cleaning:

Mild soap and water (do not immerse in water; do not use brushes or abrasive cloths) Store away from direct sunlight

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