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When in Paris this past February, I acquired a small collection of stunning ancient coins, and decided they would be wonderful set for pendant wear in 14ct! Perfect for a neck stack, clasp charm, or bracelet dynamism, I couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out!

This listing is for the smallest green coin of the group, a beautiful example that perhaps depicts a roman emporer, with a laurel wreathe around his head, with greecian motto on the reverse. This particular coin posesses a red coloring of a most vibrant quality, as well, the verdigris having disintegrated to include this wonderful shade. 

Marks: 14k on bale

Weight: 1.2g, measuring .75"

Age/Origin: Ancient 4th C BCE coin, modern setting 

Condition: Worn, verdigris'd, wonderfully set in 14ct gold.

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