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If there is one thing I can always be relied upon to love, it is the glow of a foiled garnet… And if you’ve never met a Perpignan up close and personally before, you are in for an indulgence. Perpignan garnets have a special history- the were only mined between the 17th-20th centuries in the Perpignan region, which straddles France’s southern most border with Spain. Tucked into an elusive corner of the alps, Perpignan shares a special symbol of Catalan culture in these rare stones. In fact, the artisans who have, for the past centuries created these treasures are celebrated yearly in the Fête de la Saint Eloi, when they parade through the village, every third Saturday of December, tools in hand.

But so coveted are the strawberry tones of these garnets that the craftspeople today work with different mediums entirely; for it is illegal to now mine any of the remaining Perpignan garnets from their alpine deposits.

This incredibly rare brooch, just acquired in Europe, is one of the most significant examples of this type of jewel we’ve ever seen. In keeping with the trademarks of earlier production, we date this brooch to the 1870’s. The colet settings and rounded reverse is in immaculate condition, along with the tell-tale french locking mechanism.

Marks: None

Age/Origin: 1870, French or Catalan

Weight: 3.9g

Size: 2.5”

Materials: Garnets, 18ct Gold, Est 4.60cts of Perpignan garnet

Condition: Excellent, this extremely rare brooch is in superb condition for its age. As I am certain you know, this rare colorway of garnet is nearly impossible to find, and to see so striking a brooch as this is truly a treat.

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