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Pietra dura translates to "hard stone" in Italian but also refers to the artistic practice of inlaying stone into a hard backing to create pictures.  While mosaics are usually immediately identifiable as separate pieces within a design, pietra dura usually requires a closer look.  The stone inlay work is so finely crafted, that pietra dura often looks like a painting.  This quality in craftsmanship usually makes pietra dura more valuable than other mosaic work.

Accompanied by a bagel-full of a 14k gold band, the details on every inch of this piece is precious. A perfect addition to any pietradura collection, arm stack, or any historical collection at all. 


Materials and Features: 14k yellow gold, pietradura 

Age/Origin: American, c.1840


Condition: Excellent condition.


Please view and inspect any photos closely. We endeavor to fully disclose all condition information clearly and concisely, however, please note that what qualifies as excellent condition for historical jewelry differs from modern and contemporary pieces; please take the age of the piece into account when examining the piece. Minor age wear is typical and to be expected for antique and vintage jewelry. Unless otherwise stated, gemstones have not been officially graded for color, clarity, or treatment by GIA; any information provided is our own educated, professional assessment.

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