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Paste is one of the most underrated types of jewelry out there today. It can be found all over the world, in different styles and settings, but the best paste pieces are just as beautiful as diamond or precious gemstone jewelry and are almost always a fraction of the cost. Paste jewelry is a special type of flint glass that emulates a number of gemstones. The origins of Paste jewelry date back to the mid-18th century, to a jeweler named Georges Frederic Stras, who worked as a jeweler to the king when he moved from Strasbourg to Paris in 1724.

Much of the beauty and appeal of antique paste jewelry is that it was such a difficult and labor-intensive thing to produce. The special paste glass was cut and polished by hand so that it shone and glittered.

Art Nouveau jewelry contained soft, delicate, and romantic features that emphasized light colors and delicate curves. The most popular stone of the period was a pearl, as we can so clearly see in this example. This clover ring features a center emerald paste with pearl petals surrounding it. The shoulders boast detailed and feminine goldwork, making this piece an overall must-add in any ring stack or collection. 


Materials ad Features: emerald green paste, pearls

Age/Origin: Victorian, c. 1890-1910 (Art Nouveau)

Measurements: 2.6 grams, Size 11.5

Condition: Excellent condition. 

Please view and inspect any photos closely. We endeavor to fully disclose all condition information clearly and concisely, however, please note that what qualifies as excellent condition for historical jewelry differs from modern and contemporary pieces; please take the age of the piece into account when examining the piece. Minor age wear is typical and to be expected for antique and vintage jewelry. Unless otherwise stated, gemstones have not been officially graded for color, clarity, or treatment by GIA; any information provided is our own educated, professional assessment.

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