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During the 19th-century, jewelry designers were obsessed with historical revival styles. Classical, Gothic, Renaissance, Egyptian, you name it, the Victorians revived it. While we love finding these revival pieces today, some Victorians started to get sick of re-hashing old styles and longed for a design that was fresh, new, and original. These people became followers of what came to be called the Aesthetic Movement, which celebrated ‘art for art’s sake,’ separate of any historic motifs or meanings. 

Flowers are one of the most common motifs in jewelry, which is not surprising. It is our natural desire to replicate nature’s ephemeral beauty in enduring works of art. Fashionable flower motifs were common in the late Georgian Era, but jewelry designs became more realistic during the early Victorian Era.

This stunning medallion ring features three verticallly-lined flowers with amazing detail throughout. For this ring to fully be in buttery 14k gold and still be able to notice the great detail and depiction of these flowers, it goes to show the incredible craftsmanship of this time. 


Materials and Features: 14k gold

Age/Origin: Aesthetic Movement, French, c. 1890

Measurements: Size 7, 4.8 grams

Condition: Excellent condition. Minor associated age wear.  

Please view and inspect any photos closely. We endeavor to fully disclose all condition information clearly and concisely, however, please note that what qualifies as excellent condition for historical jewelry differs from modern and contemporary pieces; please take the age of the piece into account when examining the piece. Minor age wear is typical and to be expected for antique and vintage jewelry. Unless otherwise stated, gemstones have not been officially graded for color, clarity, or treatment by GIA; any information provided is our own educated, professional assessment.

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