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An exceptional Victorian Essex crystal, hand painted on the reverse and beautifully carved to depict two roses of different colors, one bud, and nine rose leaves. The great care to depict thorns and jagged edges to the leaves was also taken. The process of creating an Essex crystal is to lovingly carve it upon the reverse and paint that carving, so that when viewed from the front, the carving creates the sensation of viewing the carving frozen in time, three dimensionally preserved. This piece has been in my personal collection well over a year and I’m honored to have been a temporary custodian of this Victorian jewel.

Size: 6, resizable 

Materials: 14k, carved quartz crystal, paint.

Age/Origin: English, 1890

Condition: this is, in fact, a conversion ring, with a beautiful split shank. All parts in 14ct, I received her converted. Please see photos for more details and condition notes.

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