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Layaway Policy

Layaway Policy

 The Curio welcomes layaway plans, where a client can pay for an item over time (ranging from several weeks to several months). 

 Layaways are conducted using, Afterpay, and Shop Pay. Please note that the customer does not receive the item until the layaway plan is paid in full. All layaways require a fixed down payment. This down payment allows us to hold the piece for you. 

 Once a client opens a layaway plan for an item, The Curio then holds the item in reserve for the customer. Once the item is paid off in full, our wonderful shipping department will package and ship it to you.

 If you cancel your layaway, after the down payment has been provided, you will be subject to a 25% restocking fee of the full value of the order, with the remainder transferred to shop credit.

We understand that there are so many tempting pieces available! We encourage clients to make a definitive decision as to whether they want the item before they place the down payment. Regretfully, switching from one item to another will incur a 25% restocking fee. 

If a client stops making payments to their layaway plan, the plan will then default. Our team will make one attempt to contact the client in an effort to reopen the plan. If we do not hear from the client within 48 hours, the item will be released back into The Curio, and all of the funds will be kept by The Curio.

Additionally, repeated cancellations, changes, and/or alterations to agreed upon purchases may result in restrictions on future purchases, as well as retaining any and all down payments per item.

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