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An uncommon medallion of St Christopher, this beautiful example boasts a two sided story; on the front, a classical depiction of St Christopher with the Christ child upon his back. The image of the two holds many symbols. Christopher, a giant, by the biblical account, looks back at Christ, who had asked him for passage across a flooding river- upon picking up the small child, Christopher was taken aback to find how very heavy he was for so small a child. This was as, we can see in this depiction, Christ was carrying the sins of the world in his hand. St. Christopher leans on his staff, and the words "Regard St Cristophe, Puis Va Ten R'Assure." (Look to St. Christopher, he will reassure you.) On the reverse, we see a motor-car driven by an unknown figure in the woods, as Christopher is the saint of travelers.

Materials & Features: Sterling

Age/Origin: French, 1920's

Measurements: 2.2g 14mm

Condition: Excellent condition. Minor associated age wear. 

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