Victorian-Art Deco Delights 👑✨

A lush mid Victorian- Art Deco drop, we are bursting with color in this selection. Sterling to green agate, warm coral and rich pink Russian gold headline. All of these beauties focus on utility and are meant to enhance a jewelry wardrobe as essential components.

This first feature is a Superb Victorian Sterling Heart Albertina Chain. The tradition of women wearing watch chains as necklaces originated when soldiers departed home for the battlefields of WWI, leaving pocket watches and chains behind with their wives. Women would wear these talismans around their necks keeping them safe and close to the heart. This chain is not only gorgeous but is also versatile, featuring heart and tassel charms that can be removed and added to other chains and necklaces.

Next up we have a glorious Green Chrysoprase and Diamond Ring in 10k. The jewelry designers of the Art Deco period embraced modernism and the advances in technological innovation and machinery, introducing a new genre of design – bold, geometric shapes with clean lines and symmetry. This special ring features a chrysoprase panel, a stunning small round center diamond, and white gold accents throughout the shoulders. Chrysoprase has traditionally symbolized happiness, enterprise, and prudence. It is a powerful stone that brings good fortune and prosperity.

Lastly, a Coral and Pearl Horseshoe in 9k featured above on a phenomenal 14k Pink Gold Victorian Illusion Chain. There is a lot of symbolism throughout history packed into horseshoes. For starters, finding a horseshoe was considered lucky in Bruges in the late 1470s, and miniature horseshoes were worn as good luck badges by pilgrims in Holland around the same period. This lovely example features graduated coral cabochons, pearls, and makes a great good luck charm for any and every occasion. Additionally, the truly elusive paired chain adds depth to any neck stack and character to every look. 

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