Summer as Sweet as Wine 👑✨

Tourmaline, ruby, and an angel's kiss in spring-- our summer wine is really made from all these things! I've never seen a cotton candy tourmaline so pink as the heart that stars in the lavaliere from this drop... a diamond studded good luck clover, a ruby plaque ring to end all ruby plaque rings- Not to mention the chain ring to stack effortlessly everywhere! There is no collection that will not benefit from a find in this drop.

This first treasure is a stunning 15k Plump Pearl Clover Ring. Four-leaf clovers became a popular symbol of luck in the 19th C as the Irish began to emigrate to Britain, bringing with them beliefs and blessings. The four-leaf clover represents good luck, success and prosperity for the wearer. This brooch is a three-leaf clover from the same era. Studded with diamonds, side set with tourmaline and the most delightful all original locket back! It is extremely hard to find substantial, original 19th c rings with intact locket backs, and this gorgeous example from the 1840's is a textbook find.

Next up we have a super special 14k Thick Vintage Chain Ring. For the younger crowd, chain rings have become a vintage staple. It's a more sophisticated version of wearing a boyfriend's ring on a chain, which means being together. It's usually the man who gives his girl a ring on a chain as a gift and symbol of their relationship. In a comfortable size 9, this stunning example is a beautiful mid 20th century find.

Lastly, a rare and special Pearl Studded Lavaliere Pendant with Pink Tourmaline Heart. Lavalieres have been a popular motif in jewelry for centuries. In the last vestiges of the Victorian Era (1837-1901), lavalier pendants were sweet and detailed, with floral motifs and delicate seed pearls. In the Art Nouveau (1890-1910) style, lavalier pendants had elongated, feminine lines, with curves that mimicked the forms found in nature. A delicious little example here set with a pink tourmaline heart and pearl leaves, two themes that come together beautifully.

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