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A democratized garnet drop featuring a jewel for every budget, this selection of 19th-20th century garnets is incredible to say the least. Headlined by a remarkable 19th century archeological revival meets gothic Garnet Drop necklace from Elle’s personal collection, the selection continues to delight with A Georgian, foiled, 3 stone band, blood moon crescent, and large garnet padlock. A memorable selection, that is for sure.

This first garnet is a Once-In-A-Lifetime Archaeological Revival Garnet Drop Necklace. A true grail-jewel for the discerning collector, this necklace marries two key aesthetics of 3rd quarter 19th-century wearable art; Neoclassicism and Gothic Revival. While there were few motifs that were not based in revival at this moment, it is extremely rare to find a piece that melds two ends of the revival spectrum. Perhaps from the later part of the 1870’s-early 1880s, this necklace is a more mature take on archaeological revival with its sleek conical garnet drops that mirror both blood drops and amphorae in form and gleam with a shiny hue in function. Not to be missed, the snake chain and sumptuous stations are in remarkable condition. Overall, a museum-worthy jewel.

Next, a sumptuous 10k and Sterling American Garnet Crescent. Victorian jewelry is as complex in its symbolism, sentiment, and design as the fashion, architecture, and decor of the time. Worn as an ornament, a love token, or a remembrance, jewelry not only completed the well-dressed lady’s costume but also denoted her position in society, her marital status, and her sense of self. A symbol seen often in Victorian pieces is the crescent moon, which was meant to signify the changing of the seasons in one’s life. Blood moon jewels are increasingly difficult to find, and this sweet little moon is ready to please.

Last and certainly not least, we have a 15k and Sterling Padlock with Garnet Cabochon.A gorgeous 1960’s does 1860’s Victorian revival padlock, this extraordinarily functional jewel will be a staple in whatever collection she may join for her versatility and vibrant cabochon. Attach to chains, bracelets, use as a lengthening element, and even attach other jewels to the top lock.

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