19th C Drama Drop 👑✨

A 19th century drama filled dropped, this group has the most wonderful details; these historical details are outrageous. One look at the turquoise earrings with their tasseled bottoms, the precious pinch bracelet, and of course the chains... you'll be envisioning the most heavenly neck-stacks.

This first treasure is a delightful Victorian Mid-Guard Chain in 9k Pink Gold. Worn as an ornament, a love token, or a remembrance, jewelry not only completed the well-dressed lady’s costume in the Victorian period but also denoted her position in society, her marital status, and her sense of self. English, circa 1880, a chain of this beautiful nature would be best suited to layering, double wrapping, and being a delicious element in any neck stack you should so choose to assemble.

Next up we have an outrageous Turquoise Tassel Earrings in 15k. The popularity of tassels in jewelry can be seen down through the ages. Beaded, braided, and made from popular motifs of the era, tassels are infinitely articulated and lend movement and sensuality to jewelry. A gorgeous pair of Victorian earrings, this phenomenal pair of earrings dates to the 1860's, with a delicious cabochon detailing throughout, each turquoise bezel set down the line. Tops have been lovingly upgraded.

Third on our list for this week is a special Pinchbeck & Brass Bracelet with Victorian Padlock. Here at the Curio, we pride ourselves in being able to offer a jewel for every collector, and this phenomenal chain featuring a vintage 'victorian look' bracelet, and true victorian padlock is a personal favorite and testament to that goal. I love the detail of the floral patterning across the large mariner links that beautifully interact with victorian style infinity links on the bracelet, as balanced by the scrolling 19th century English Rococo revival of the padlock.

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