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There is something undeniably magical about lavender jade. The color! The smoothness! The milky translucence that seems to capture a supernatural fog that must smell like fresh baked violet cookies and mystery! While never quite so prized as green nephrite, lavender jadeite has become a cult favorite among collectors, for both its quality and it’s elusive nature.

Did you know that in 1957, 25,000 pieces of dyed jadite were imported into the US for the first time, effectively flooding the market with faux colored examples, casting what would be an almost unyielding shadow on the world of lavender jade? Natural examples like this one were distrusted for decades as a result. When we found this gorgeous pair of earrings, we knew they were perhaps too exciting to belong in only one collection, and chose to make them into rings! One has found a new home, the other remains here, awaiting your jewel box. 


Size (can be resized): 7 

Weight: 7.13 grams;

Materials: Gold, lavender jade, diamond, emeralds

Metal: 14K gold

Marks: Ring tops marked 14K585, RA (maker's stamp); Ring shanks marked 14K

Condition: Excellent for her age. As noted, this is a wonderful conversion ring! Please enjoy examining all of our photos 🔮

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