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Oh to be sumptuously laid in silk… This week, every drop will come complete with a superb antique, Napoleon III period tufted silk lined box, and we could not be more excited to share them with you. The whimsey of opening a 19th century box is, perhaps, a fantasy in and of itself. I imagine the original crafters of these special treasure chests created them as totems of folklore; for what could be more exciting, more surprising, than first observing a closed object, then opening it to reveal an interior that is (in most cases) entirely unanticipated. Let us begin with one of the finest; a superb Napoleon III period burl and rose wood box with brass and mother of pearl inlay. A sewing necessaire is to be found inside— along with our first drop, inclusive of pink topaz Georgian cannetile earrings, and a beautiful citrine and 9ct foiled fob… waiting to be engraved. 


First up, a Sumptuous 15k Georgian Cannetille Earrings with Pink Topaz. Styles were dramatic and ornate during the Georgian era, thanks partly to intricate metalwork techniques such as cannetille (a method of working the gold wire to make it look woven), as we can see in this pair. This metalworking technique, very popular in the 1820s and 30s, involved intricate wirework designs. Cannetille resembles embroidery-inspired filigree. Circa 1820, a beautiful pair of foiled pink topaz Cannetille earrings.


Next, a Trumpet Fob in 9k Circa 1820. A fob is a vest pocket in a gentleman's outfit. Often a fob held a pocket watch which was swung from a chain, attached to the vest pocket on the opposite side of the vest. These fob chains often had small pendants – as seals – and these pendants themselves became known as fobs. A rare example of English origin, this beautiful trumpet fob has been hand engraved. Early details include metal armature for the more delicate golden exterior.

Lastly, a Rare Napoleon III Period Sewing Necessaire Circa 1860. A very special French sewing necessaire, this example features vibrant, tufted magenta silk in beautiful condition, with an oval mirror inset into the top. Scissors, two awls, a thimble, threader, and a needle case, in silver, are all included in the necessaire. Check out the new treasures on our site!

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