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I grew up going out to the North Fork of Long Island during the final warm weekends in september. My dad would rev up his old van, fishing tackle rattling loudly, my mother would sit among cardboard boxes filled with beads ready to be assembled into necklaces, her great creative flavor of the week, and we’d set off. A rag-taggle crew, it often took us 4-5hrs to complete the journey because we’d stop for fruits or corn on the side of the road, grown on in home farms. There was a little house in south-hold. Blue, with pink trim. A farmhouse with a stand out front, it had many baskets of produce for passers-by to acquire via the honor system.


You could put a few dollars in a wooden lock box, there was a price list for you to calculate. On certain Sundays, you would find glass bottles with the most wonderful pink treat within… watermelon lemonade, made moments before, the bottles were a hot commodity. Often times, the glut of watermelons grown on that farm had to be used right quick- hence their express juicing late September… and I looked forward to them all year. This drop celebrates that soft pink taste that only pink tourmaline, or sapphire could capture. I dare you not to think of late summer glades in the eyes of this peridot and pearl

✅ Dive right in…


This first treasurel is a Superb Foiled Georgian Pink Topaz and Cannetille Work Pendant. Styles were dramatic and ornate during the Georgian period, thanks partly to intricate metalwork techniques such as cannetille (a method of working the gold wire to make it look woven), as we can see in this special pendant. This metalworking technique, very popular in the 1820s and 30s, involved intricate wirework designs. Cannetille resembles embroidery-inspired filigree. English, circa 1830, this beautiful late Georgian example is from the Regency period. Wonderful hand-finished gold work.


Next treasure, a Stunning Vintage 9k Peridot and Pearl Maltese Cross Ring with Diamond Center. Maltese cross jewelry pieces were made popular by Lady (Emma) Hamilton, Lord Nelson's mistress, who collected food and money for the Maltese when they were being invaded by France at the end of the 18th Century. It started out as a wearable medal for good deeds/work but soon became a very popular piece of jewelry for English women everywhere. No questions asked, this gorgeous ring will be a mainstay in any collection.  A gorgeous vintage “Victorian Style” ring with wonderful shape, lovely shoulders, and fine princess gallery.

Lastly, a Superbly Saturated Pink Sapphire Victorian Ring. A wonderful example in a very hefty 9k, this late 19th century ring has had a most interesting past; at some point, a loving owner needed to size her up, to her current size 8.5, and in doing so, stretched her interior band, hallmarks included, and added gold. With beautiful crowning prongs and the most dramatic saturation to the pink sapphire, this is a notable jewel that will deliver far more presence and delight on hand than I can possibly communicate in discourse or images! A stand out of my recent acquisitions. Check out the new treasures on our site!

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