Lockets and Things to Put Them On 👑✨

This daring drop adheres neatly to the extravagance that the Victorian aesthetic alludes to. Opulence was all the rage at the moment of these lockets' naissance; the 1860's reached for excessive detailing and bold shapes. Paired here with two chains, neck-stacks will rejoice at the opportunity of enhancement that this drop offers.

Starting off strong with a massive Sterling Initial Locket Over 2.25". A larger-than-life sterling locket with the initials FJS (or any combination therein) this beauty boasts a "STERLING" hallmark along with a sizable interior compartment. Classic to the 1860's aesthetic of heavy gothic lettering. This locket is pictured above on a special 60” Victorian Double Ring 9k Long Guard.

Next up, a delicate 9k 14.5” Cuban Watch Chain c. 1890. The tradition of women wearing watch chains as necklaces originated when soldiers departed home for the battlefields of WWI, leaving pocket watches and chains behind with their wives. Women would wear these talismans around their necks keeping them safe and close to the heart.  Today the traditional purpose of the Albert chain may have changed but its timeless style and modern function as a statement necklace or addition to any collectors' chain family continue the evolution of the Albert chain into the 21st Century. An exceptional, subtly graduated, delicate cuban chain, this double stacked 14.5" example boasts a t-bar, two dog clips, and an extra 1.25" of chain to dangle even your favorite fob, locket, or padlock!

Lastly for this week's featured pieces, we have a superb 15k Ruby and Pearl Locket. Evolving from ancient amulets, European designs for lockets appear to date to the 16th century, when small pendants were worn to conceal good luck charms, small fabric squares soaked in perfume to ward off the poor smells on public thoroughfares, painted portraits, and even, on occasion, poison. Outstanding quality, an appropriate period box... this locket has it ALL. What I love the most, however, is the very special portrait photo, signed on the back by "Hughs and Mullins." A stunning locket in beautiful condition, the pearls and rubies are as near to mint as we've ever had.

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