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A drop for lovers of portraiture in a rainbow of mediums, this selection is a celebration of Victorian jewels which render the wearer at their best, or the best view of someone they treasure. Glowing tortoise earrings gloating matching Diana cameos, crafted in opposing directions, steal the show with their startlingly near mint condition. A remarkable early 19th century French portrait of a young woman surrounded by pearls reminds us that jewelry was often wearable-art-in-miniature of the highest order; but seemingly intimate at the same time. Lastly, but never leastly, a remarkable cameo ring featuring a greco-roman figure with a vortex of billowing fabrics. Each of these would make a remarkable addition to any collection.


First up, a Diana Tortoise Cameo Earrings c. 1870. An outstanding example of Archaeological Revival jewels in the 19th c, each remarkable, sculptural cameo sports an inverted crescent atop her swirling mass of honey’d auburn curls, identifying the subject as Diana, goddess of wisdom + the hunt.This extremely rare pair of warm tortoise earrings draw the eye of every onlooker, with their entirely three-dimensional construction.


Next, a superb French Portrait in 18k with Pearls. An outstanding early 19th c (c. 1820) portrait of a young woman in cream and powder blue “regency” period gown, this extremely rare miniature has one of the most spectacular frames we’ve had the pleasure of handling. Nautical symbolism abounds with the seashell-esque rendering of the frame; scalloped waves of 15k are interspersed with very fine “white gold” rippling (this was a fun trick of mixing yellow gold with palladium alloys used as a decorative element in early 19th c jewels at this time.) At the bottom, two beautiful shells burst forth from wave like scrolls that support the larger frame. One can only imagine why this lovely young woman’s portrait was placed in this sea-faring frame; perhaps she was a water sign.

Lastly, a Wonderful 9k Cameo Conversion Ring. A stunning, bezel set cameo conversion ring featuring a side-facing figure among the gossamer billows of a greco-roman gown. English. This lovely conversion is set in 9k gold, circa 1890. Check out the new treasures today!

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