Amethyst, Garnet, Corals 👑✨

A sumptuous drop featuring Amethyst, Garnet, and coral, this lot of conversion pieces reminds us of the incredible versatility of work from the Victorian/Edwardian periods. The attention to detail, the sharp quality of color, summer fruit in full magic... each more delicious than the last.

This first feature is a glorious 10k Victorian Coral Earrings with Love Knot Etched Wrap. Victorian Coral Love Knot jewels are today sought after for their careful individuality as each golden pipe was carefully wrapped around an individual branch of coral, a symbol of the individuality of a partner's love. This pair is smaller and there is some minor discoloration to the coral, but a very delightful set indeed.

Next up we have an Antique Edwardian 14k & Amethyst Conversion Ring. A phenomenal example with a pink/purple foil, closed-back, circa 1910, this was perhaps a cufflink at some point. This delicious cabochon example gives a standing ovation of shifting lavender to violet tones.

Third on our list is a Pink Gold 14k Navette Sugarloaf Garnet Ring. Sleek and fine, this shifting garnet will pull you into her scarlet velvet pool. The sharp bezel is remarkable, also a conversion.

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