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Sometines, we meet a piece that just completely takes us by surprise. A jewel that seems timeless, as though it could have slipped out of the pages of a 1960's vogue spread,  or held a flapper's aigrette in place, or closed the capelet of the most fashionable belle of the ball in 1870's New York. And perhaps a jewel such as this one, indeed, had a life just as exciting as that. She may have played each of those roles, and is not retired yet, for she still has many characters to assume!

A fantastic, Victorian, Archaeological revival micro-mosaic brooch featuring a massive scarab beetle, constructed from small shards of iridescent and matte finished glass, inset into a golden frame, that connects two leaves. The two leaves are joined by the central medallion of the mosaic, with nods toward both Aesthetic naturalism, and Egyptian revival. 

Marks: 14K (2x) makers marks

Age/Origin: American, 1870s

Weight: 25.6g

Size: 2.75" length

Materials: 14ct, Micromosaic

Condition: Excellent, this outstanding brooch is a memorable find... I've never seen another quite like it and I know that it will be a stellar addition to any collection. we never find all original brooches like this, and I'd dare to say that it is one of the best examples on or off market of the period. 

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