Playful Purples 👑✨

A selection of purples, this feature includes pansies, amethyst, and sparkling citrine! Let's get into them!

This first feature is a glorious Victorian Crescent Pendant. The crescent moon was one of the many motifs used throughout Victorian jewelry and was meant to signify the changing of the seasons in one's life. It wasn't uncommon to see honeymoon brooches that usually featured a flower in a crescent moon, such as this treasure, featuring a beautiful violet flower. This stunning 14k example has green leaves and purple petals with a sparkling diamond center. The delicate honeymoon crescent that cradles it boasts 18 luminous pearls, and a golden bail top.

Next up we have an Antique 14k & Enamel Pansy Conversion Ring. Wild and adorable, pansies were jubilantly translated into jewelry throughout the Victorian era. The pansy became one of the widely used motifs in Victorian jewelry and was widely known to symbolize thoughts of love and remembrance. This dainty example features an antique stick pin top-mounted on an antique signet ring and makes an adorable addition to any ring stack.

Third on our list is an Antique 15k Tourmaline, Seed Pearl, and Paste Ring. Tourmaline has been said to be a stone of reconciliation, a stone that fosters compassion and cool-headedness, radiates the energy that attracts money, and reaffirms our Earth roots. This gorgeous ring features three juicy tourmaline stones accompanied by seed pearls, pearls, and gorgeous gold work throughout, making this a perfect stacker and new member of your jewelry collection.

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